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Rachel is a practising nurse, in addition to ScarWork she offers Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Decongestive Lymphatic Treatment Therapist (developed by Austrian, Dr. Vodder). These combinations of treatments are perfect for post-operative recovery. Injury, surgery or radiotherapy can cause congestion to our lymphatic system which results in localised swelling. Rachel is perfectly placed to offer scar therapy to clients with ongoing swelling or when they are in their initial recovery period (around 8 weeks to 20 weeks post-operatively). In the initial post-operative period, combining lymphatic and scar treatment may really help reduce recovery times.

Rachel has a holistic approach to therapies, as well as her more clinical background, she is trained in massage and as a relaxation and meditation instructor.


Rachel qualified as a nurse in 2002, and went on to attend the highly respected Dr Vodder course for treatment of the lymphatic system, Rachel is qualified to work with lymphedema and offer decongestive therapy.   To ensure her holistic approach to health, Rachel trained in 'Relaxation, Meditation and Mindfulness' and is a qualified Instructor. Rachel has trained in Sharon Wheeler's ScarWork with Emma Holly, and has participated in a fast track ScarWork specialist training to become part of the Restore Therapy team.


Rachel qualified as a nurse in 2002 and since then has had a varied career in healthcare, including working in the public and private sector. She eventually trained in the versatile Dr Vodder method of Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Combined Decongestive Therapy and has never looked back since! She is continually developing herself professionally, ensuring that all her qualifications and courses relate to her passion: the lymphatic system.

Therapist Qualifications

 Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) and Combined Decongestive Therapy (CDT) Level 2 and 3 (Dr Vodder)
BSc (Hons) Nursing Studies
Sharon Wheeler's ScarWork
Rocktape FMT (Level 1 Kinesiology Taping)
Relaxation, Meditation and Mindfulness Instructor
Well being Life Coach   
Reiki Practitioner
The WaveStone (Clinical, Sports and Relaxation Massage)