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Scar massage is a manual treatment using oils to hydrate and smooth your scar in a rhythmical and relaxing treatment. Scar Massage should help promote the circulatory and lymphatic systems around the area to boost healing, while natural oils can help deliver nutrients to promote regeneration. At Restore Therapy, Emma Holly has developed and trained her team to deliver RT integratedTM scar massage treatments. In most treatment sessions a combination of ScarWork and scar massage is delivered, unless you specify otherwise.

c-section ScarWork


Scar Massage for Knee replacement

What is Scar Massage?

Scar massage is a common method used to help remodel scar tissue that has developed after an injury. It is a treatment used after surgery, fracture, or burn. Scar tissue massage is also known as scar mobilisation or scar tissue mobilisation. Following your consultation and assessment your treatment will be tailored to focus on areas of tightness and tension around your scar and the underlying fascia, muscles and any fibrotic tissue.

Why Have Scar Massage?

Scar massage is considered an effective way to decrease scar tissue build up and help make scars less noticeable. Pain and discomfort are not always felt at the source of the problem. RT integratedTM scar massage is a holistic approach combining understanding of any discomfort or pain, with assessing movement and mobility across the body as well as directly around the scar. Scar Massage is often considered to be most effective on immature scar tissue (less than two years old) but may still help with older scars. Massage after operations is not a new concept- as early as 1550’s a French surgeon called Paré noted the use of massage to reduce joint stiffness and improve healing following surgery.

Home Care Self Massage

At the end of your treatment we can suggest and teach you some simple self-massage techniques, and suggest the correct pressure to use for you to continue to benefit your scar.