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Our Vision

Offering clients a range of holistic therapy treatments to promote optimal recovery for clients with problematic scar tissue, adhesions and fibrosis, and clients wanting to maximise their recovery post-surgery.

Our Philosophy

Restore Therapy is committed to providing excellent quality services within a relaxing and safe environment.

As a leading ScarWork clinic, we donate time within the communities we serve including oncology services and sport. Our focus on working to support recovery and promote health in every client we treat, using in-house services and a range of local contacts with additional specialisms.

Our Mission

When given the right stimulus, the human body has capabilities to renew and repair. We want to help facilitate your optimal recovery.


We take a whole body approach to healing. Understanding current symptoms and previous medical history


We want you to feel comfortable and safe in your clinical sessions. Treatment will stay within your comfort levels.


We can offer advice in optimal post-surgery nutrition and self scar massage, enabling you to become an active participant in your recovery.

Scar Massage Consultation

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Our Therapists

Emma Holly

Emma Holly

Owner, ScarWork and Massage Therapist

Clinical Scar Massage Therapist Emma Holly is always developing and expanding her knowledge to bring the latest research and innovations to each client.

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Kirsty Birine

Kirsty Birine

ScarWork, Massage and Pilates

Kirsty Birine has a special interest in helping women after caesarean section, hysterectomy and abdominal surgery.

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Ellie Holly

Ellie Holly

Medical Herbalist and Nutritional Therapy

Ellie Holly will develop a treatment plan to meet your needs. Surgery may have left you depleted or induced hormonal changes (e.g. menopausal symptoms) which may respond well.

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